May 9 - Good Bye Wyoming... we'll be back.

This will be a quick note to the record that we left Cheyenne this morning and ran a whole hundred miles (and 1600 feet elevation... down) to Sidney Nebraska. We're camped (well, moochdocked really...) at Cabelas in Sidney... their corporate headquarters. They have a full hookup RV campground ($$) here too, but we, being old timers on a fixed income, decided to rough it tonight and go without any connection to the civilized world at all.  So here we sit and here we'll sleep... as the world spins on it's axis until old Sol rises on the eastern horizon tomorrow morning.

Just because we're "moochdocking" doesn't mean we didn't drop any money at all in Cabelas coffers. We had lunch at their lunch counter and then wandered around the store until two items jumped into our arms... a new pair of shoes for Dar and a heck of a deal on a new GPS for Thom. Staying here for free can get expensive.

Tomorrow, we move eastward again... ever closer to the Midwest. And lower elevation is already moderating the night-time temps. Bring on the warmth!  Why, a couple days from now there's talk about a low overnight temp of 61f somewhere down the trail.  We're ready.


Anonymous said…
I luv it!

Staying here for free can get expensive

It's funny hearing you talk with glee of the impending rise in temps.... It's been a rather cool Spring in S. Wisconsin... I hope you find what you seek. Last week the National Eagle Center was closed when 4"-12" of snow fell on S. Minnesota.....

Smoothing running....

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