Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feb 5 - A Cold Shoulder from Wisconsin

Our time in the Midwest is drawing to a close again... at least for this trip. What started out as a quick trip back to get the truck camper turned into a three week stay that included the death of my Mom, her funeral, cleaning out her apartment, and tying up all the other loose ends that needed tying. It's been traumatic and emotional for the family but we're finally coming back to a semi-normal place. And Dar and I are sooo ready to get back on the road.

This crazy cold January weather isn't exactly cooperating with our plans. Of course we'd like a week of calm weather all the way West, complete with warm tailwinds and sunny skies. The reality is that we'll likely have quite the opposite. But we're so ready to go that we just picked a day, tomorrow (Thursday), and will hit the road and take on the challenges as they come. Some needed adventure perhaps.

I will do my best to post to this journal as we move along.

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