Feb 6 - Layover in Lincoln

This will be brief:

A tad cold this morning... about 5 below zero at 9am when we finally left Beaver Dam on our way to Portland. Battled brisk westerly winds most of the day, which kept our "mpg's" nearly as low as we get with the bushouse. Other than that it was a nice day for travel. Made it to Lincoln Nebraska tonight before we threw out the anchor.

Our objective is to get as far west as possible... as quickly as possible... before the weather out west goes downhill for a few days. However, tomorrow looks good for our run across Nebraska and into Wyoming.

Mileage today was around 500. The truck is running and handling very well... I'm very impressed with the way it's taking the miles in stride.

And in case anyone is wondering, NO, we're not sleeping in the camper tonight. Sub-zero temps motivated us to find a motel... complete with a big king-sized bed and strong hot shower.


Slightly Better than Most