Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb 7 - Laying Low in Laramie

Another 500+ mile run today.  Another day of ascent (from 1,000 feet near Lincoln to over 8,600 feet in Wyoming) and brisk headwinds (lucky to eek 9 mpg out of the truck).

The "high"-light of the day was our transit of Sherman Pass... the highest of any point on I-80 (8,640 feet). But we didn't just cross the summit, we did it in the middle of a snow-shower that blinded drivers, made the road slick, slowed traffic, frayed nerves, and nearly put the safety director into shock. It was a hairy half hour but one we won't forget. Certainly not something I'd want to do with the bus-house.

But our immediate future is uncertain. According to the Weather Channel, the winter storm named Orion is, and will be, causing mayhem across the USA for the next week. For us, predicted 50+ mph winds, snow (and other more solid forms of precipitation) will probably keep us in Laramie for a couple days. If we're lucky we'll be here for a couple days. If we're not lucky, we might be here till Phil the rodent finally releases winter's grip on us... maybe April???

But willing to make the best of it, we'll explore Laramie and, with a little luck, find some craft beer to help pass the time.

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