Apr 17 - Truck Camper For Sale

For those naysayers out there who said we'd never be able to live with a truck camper... that it'd be way too small, too cramped, too uncomfortable.... well, we put the Northstar TC on the sales block today. We've decided we can't live with it. But NOT for the reasons you might think.

We're selling it because it's a little too big for our new style of travel. That's right, we actually desire something smaller. I guess that means you doubters out there can remain comfortably entrenched in your negativity.  I mean, there's always a chance we'll eventually see the light and come to the realization that we Americans really must have 40 or 45 feet of decal-covered fiberglass with full-wall slide-outs in order to see North America.

But somehow, I doubt it.

On the off-chance that someone out there finds this and happens to be looking for a really nice like-new Northstar truck camper, contact me and we'll chat about it. My email is ksdp39-10 at yahoo dot com.