June 28 - Day four in Yellowstone

Stayed more or less local... around Canyon Village today. Woke with hope for a little sun today. Getting tired of rain and cold. 30s last night. Remember, we are at 8000 feet.

First up was Red Rock Trail for arguably the best front-on view of the lower falls. Also drove out to Inspiration Point and watched sunshine advance down the Yellowstone valley.

After fueling at Canyon Village (3.999/gal) drove up to Washburn Hot Springs Overlook for a snack lunch.

As the weather was still a little iffy, crowds were still manageable so we did walk down to the brink of the upper falls. However, felt no need to buck the congestion along the more popular south rim drive. Headed back to camp (Canyon Village CG) early to allot time for showers and to enjoy what looked like was going to be a more sunny afternoon.

Miles today: 17
Same camp as last night: Canyon Village CG

I'm not fond of crowds and congestion; lines and the teeming masses. But here I am, one of them... and here for the same reason -- to see the wonders of Yellowstone. All of them have every right to be here. And I have options: I can choose to avoid the crowds and NOT see Yellowstone, or I can boost up the tolerance level a notch or two and endure the throngs. In this case, I'm managing OK. I've seen what we came to see. It's all part of the experience. It's important to be adaptable.

Along the Yellowstone... just above the upper falls.

Osprey in nest. Long zoom...

Yellowstone Valley below the falls.