Oct 30, 2014

Oct 30 - Millenicom Verizon Dilemma

Perhaps "dilemma" isn't the right word, as I don't feel as if we really have any option here. A week or so ago we found out that our internet service provider, Millenicom, was effectively "out of business"... accounts taken over by Verizon. For those that don't know, Millenicom was a bulk re-seller of Verizon broadband, and offered considerably more bang for the buck. When with Verizon we paid $60/month for 5GB of data. Millenicom offered 20GB for the same $60 (which recently jumped to $90). And as i-connected devices have multiplied in our lives, we're using an increasingly larger chunk of that 20GB.

While there are a number of options for mobile internet service, there aren't many good options... at least as far as I'm concerned. Verizon, I'm told, has the most geographic coverage... the most built-out system... compared to competitors ATT, Sprint, T Mobile, et. al. As we travel around we've found that to be the case. Since we've become so dependent on being connected our options boil down to either crawling back to Verizon or drastically reducing our dependence on the internet. At this point, I'm not willing to do the latter. But I'm getting closer.

Some of those reading this are in the same predicament. Verizon has informed Millenicom customers of a number to call for more information and to be set up in their system for billing. Those making contact with V are reporting varying stories, but it looks like the end result will be that we'll be able to keep a 20GB plan for a few more shekels than we've most recently sent to Millenicom. The big problem for me is the reported wait times... up to two hours of listening to bad music and V commercials while waiting to talk with someone. I'm not sure I'll be able to jump this hurdle. I'm not good with lines, waits, or anyone messing with me. And this feels like the big V is messing with me.

Best information I have is that I have until the 8th of November to resolve this.


later in the day addendum:   got V on the phone after waiting on hold for about 15 minutes; did our business, changed over account, set up on V, questions, answers.  Bottom line is this:  will have 20GB for $100 with no contract;  Not happy about the price or the amount of data we're using, but good to know we won't have a break in service.

Now we've got to do a little soul-searching about how much data we're really willing to pay for, and how we can crunch down our demand for data with an eye toward getting the cost down.  It's just stupid for us to kill as much time as we do online. In so many ways it really is just a time waster.

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