Mar 22, 2015

Back on the Road... Heading North for Spring

We're clearly anxious to get moving again. The past few days we've stowed and prep'ed and packed with vigor... to the point we're all set to take off in the morning. This'll be a full two days ahead of our original plan. Without a doubt, we're ready to get Winter behind us and, like a flying flock of flickers, start our summer migration northward.

Had a very agreeable visit with Dar's sister Cher this afternoon. Introduced her to one of our local hangouts here in the Congress area. Since most of our work was long done, we could enjoy the time and the conversation without distraction. Really quite enjoyable.

Early start for the bushouse tomorrow. Dar will take command of the truck/camper and I'll  be tagging closely behind. Will post an update tomorrow night.

Beyond Branson; Pondering Future Travel

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