Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In Whitehorse

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Whitehorse YT. The WIFI along our path has been pretty marginal to say the least. Even here, it's very slow. We've also been staying, often, in Provincial campgrounds, which definitely don't offer WIFI.  I've been writing and Dar has been processing photos, but we haven't been able to get them uploaded yet. That will come with time.

This short post is to let you know we're doing fine and are having a great time. I have been able to get text messages out via InReach Mapshare (check the link on our Alaska2015 tab) as well as occasionally on Facebook.

Today, after we're done here in Whitehorse, we're heading north on the Klondike Highway toward Dawson City. The plan is to keep heading north from there... until we can't drive anymore. That should be in the little village of Inuvik NWT, only a short distance from the Arctic Ocean.

Rest assured, we're having a wonderful time. I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming this epic journey. Long days and not very dark nights are interesting. Last night we were sitting out around the campfire with a neighboring camper, talking, laughing, sharing experiences... until after midnight. Despite the hour, it appeared the sun had just set. Blue sky and clouds were still clearly visible. Regardless, we're getting very good sleeps.

More to follow...