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News from the North - August 9 thru August 15

The first half of this week we were in Haines. Thursday we left, and felt the melancholic divide that separates being on a trip from heading home. It's true, there's still much new territory to explore, but there's no way around the fact that we're closer to home with each day's drive. Sunday, August 9 - Kathleen Lake on the Haines Highway to Haines (day 64) Kathleen Lake CG Broke camp and headed south to Haines. Along the way we checked most of the campgrounds for future reference. This is another out-of-this-world drive that words can't adequately convey. At times you find yourself taking it all for granted. Then, when you stop and think about what you're seeing, it's like your seeing it for the first time. One of the great views (I know... there are so many) here in Alaska is to see Chilkoot Lake from the State Park. Encircled by mountains, it Alaska at its best, geographically speaking. Between Haines Junction in Canada and Haines in the U

Dispatch from the North for the week Aug 2 thru Aug 8

An Ice Rose Globe... all from solid ice. The Fairbanks area was our focus for the first half of the week. As we began our southeasterly trek on Wednesday it really felt like the beginning of our trip home. The next few days had us camping in a series of government campgrounds both in Alaska and Canada. Sunday, August 2 - Fairbanks (day 57) Tanana Valley Campground Stayed home today and worked on blog and photo stuff. Sometimes you just gotta have a “down” day to recharge the batteries (both the camper’s and mine), loose yourself in the pages of a book, and experience a little solitude. Monday, August 3 - Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs (day 58) Tanana Valley CG Decided to go up to Chena Hot Springs today. Some travel guides say this is a must do in the Fairbanks area. The hot springs are northeast of Fairbanks on a good 50 mile long road that dead-ends at the destination... about an hour and a half drive with a few stops along the way. Because there's minima

Alaska Trip Log for July 26 thru August 1

This week was generally wetter than what we’ve experienced so far on this trip. During our time in Willow, we had several days of intermittent showers… sometimes heavy; sunbreaks were few and very much enjoyed. We were in Willow until Thursday, when we headed for Denali National Park. and it rained part of the time there too. On Saturday, we drove to Fairbanks. And yes, it was raining when we arrived. Here’s the log for our week. ========== Sunday, July 26 - Willow local (day 50) Nancy Lake SRA CG Rain overnight. Heavy rain. A few folks even had to be evacuated from their apartments down in Anchorage where the 2+ inches was considered a 50-year rainfall event for July. It did lighten up as the day wore on, but I’d guess our float trip down the creek will be postponed. Mostly, we hunkered down in the camper, worked on our various jobs, and I cracked open a new book as well as a can or two of craft beer. Mid-afternoon we drove down to Wasilla to meet Sarah and David at Local’