Where Has the Time Gone?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 -- Vancouver, WA

The past two wonderful months have evaporated faster than a puddle in the hot Arizona sun. But tomorrow, Wednesday, we're heading out, leaving our Vancouver Family behind. It'll be a sad day, with emotions raging and tearing at us -- after just two months there are roots developing that won't be easily pulled. On the one hand, we started this sabbatical project for the purpose of seeing and experiencing North America, and we've only just begun. There's so much more to see and do. On the other hand, we have two of the greatest grandkids ever (who have the greatest parents ever), and we know they'll have changed so much by the time we see them again. For two months, we've become part of their regular lives and now we're leaving. Will they understand? Will they remember us? The next time we visit will we be able to pick up where we've left off? I'm sure we will, but there's that lingering doubt.

Tomorrow, we'll be leaving them behind physically. But in our hearts they'll be riding along, right next to each of us, as we explore America in the bus-house.

To Gage, Andrea, Ryan, Evan, Shirleen, Duane, and the rest of the extended family here in Washington... Thanks so much for your hospitality, understanding, and warmth. We can't wait to return.

With Love...

Thom & Dar


Gage said…
Many thanks to you two for all your help around our place and for being here to help us get used to being a family of four. We are all very sad to see you go but understand what draws you to your current travels and lifestyle. I too would like explore America some day if life allows. Nothing would make us happier than to have you and Dar lay some more permanent roots here in the northwest. Whether it be a summer place or year round it would be a win win for the boyz, Andi, and I. Safe travels T&D, we already miss you and are already looking forward to your return. Godspeed

Joe Pitman said…
Thom and Dar, we can associate with those feelings sooo much. It is so hard to leave our g-kids even for a month or so. When we extend our travels even further we know it will be harder to be away longer periods of time. Are we all silly or what???

Joe and Sherri
Thom said…
Gage, thanks for those kind words. Keep that family safe and secure. We'll be back before you know it.

Thom said…
Joe, it's competing interests, isn't it? The grandkids are important and it hurts to leave them, but we want to see and experience America before it's gone and before we're gone.

Perhaps our experiences can help our grandkids in some way?? They follow us on a map and learn geography. They listen to our stories, look at the photos, read our journals... and maybe they become curious too. Just maybe?

Duane & Shirleen said…
Thom & Dar.

Thank you for such kind words. We felt blessed when Andi joined our family, then seeing that she came with such a nice family on her side has been wonderful! You two have been adopted into our family. :>)

It was great seeing you both again and we always look forward to your visits. I agree with Gage......you NEED to put down roots somewhere close to all of us.

Thom, keep up the good work on your Website. It's fun to see what adventures you two are doing next!

Take care and be safe.

Duane & Shirleen

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