Zion Shuffle

I think I mentioned in yesterday's entry that I was a little surprised at how busy Zion is at this time of year. When we arrived yesterday afternoon we had to settle for a piece of a group campsite, which was OK but not as nice as many of the other sites in this loop of Watchman Campground. The camp hosts said we could move this morning after campers leaving today start departing. And that's exactly what we did. In the process, we met a very nice couple from Switzerland who are touring the USA for a year. They were camped right across the road from our temporary camp last night. After they left this morning we shuffled things around and moved into their spot, which we think is one of the best in the campground. It's right on the banks of the North Fork of the Virgin River and very spacious and private. We may never leave!?

We're mostly hunkered down today waiting for the storm we've been outrunning the past few days to pass. That's OK too. Dar's in the process of uploading lots of new pictures to our online photo collection. And I'm working on other boring chores -- budgets, expenses, paying bills, stuff like that.

On the banks of the Virgin River in Zion N.P.


Slightly Better than Most