Westward Ho!

By the time you read this Thursday morning we'll probably be moving west again. The route is US Hwy 2 and the destination is the Devils Lake area, about 100 miles up the road. And if you thought we might be through with high-water and flooding stories... you might be wrong. But you'll have to tune in during the next few days to see. How's that for a hook?

The laundry is done, tanks are ready for travel, and we're antsy to continue the journey. We did get the bikes out this afternoon for a 12 mile ride on the awesome Greenway trail system along the Red River. During our stop here we've walked and biked all the way from Minnesota to North Dakota a number of times. How's that for another bucket list item... now checked off. It's been a good stop... really became attached to the Grand Forks area.

More later...


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