Donuts and Beans

We decided to stay at Cattail Cove State Park for a couple more nights. Why? Our next stop will be near Quartzsite where we'll be camping out in the desert, no hookups at all... you know, stretching those boondocking muscles a little. The forecast includes gusty winds the next couple days. So, since we have the time flexibility and like this park... the way it's tucked into the folds of the hills and shoreline along Lake Havasu... we might as well wait for the much calmer weather that's supposed to arive on Tuesday. The issue isn't driving in the winds, it's sitting out in the middle off the desert and getting pelted by wind-blown sand. So we'll just wait for more agreeable conditions for our desert camping exercise.

The other day I was killing some time while looking at a map of all the camps we've had over the past three and a half years. Here's that map...

We know we've ignored the Northeast and New England during the Sabbatical so far... and have some good reasons for doing so. But what popped out at me was that big "donut hole" in the middle of the western half of the country... the donut hole called Colorado! How can two intrepid explorers miss something so big... so engaging... so gorgeous... a place begging to be explored? We're going to have to do something about this situation in the next year, don't you think?

This afternoon, we thought we'd finish exploring the 3 mile Whyte Trail along the lakeshore. And I think I'll get started on a batch of 15 bean soup... made from scratch. I don't know if it'll make enough for the both of us... I mean, how much soup could possibly come from just 15 little beans? I may have to double the recipe and use 30 beans to make sure there's enough for Dar too.

Enjoying a sunny Sunday...


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