... and the Earth Moved

This morning, at 5:52am MST, the earth moved here in Yuma. 

Dar and I were both awake (don't ask why... OK?) and we felt the bus-house shake and shudder... as if it we were experiencing gusty winds... or a friendly neighbor was trying to get our attention by pushing and shoving on the side of the camper causing it to sway. But there was no wind and, while we like our neighbors a lot, we're not quite to that point where Fred and Lynne would be playing games with us before 6am. No, there was something else going on.

Later in the day we learned that we did, indeed, experience an earthquake. Here's the complete info on the temblor we felt (you may have to click on it to make it readable).

The quake was centered about 35 miles away... down in Mexico near a small town named Guadalupe Victoria. It was a 4.9 on the Richter Scale... certainly not a major shaker... but one of the largest ones in the region today. 

The earth continues to change -- right under our feet. I think that's all I'll say about that.


Sunday we're moving east. Our sights are on a BLM boondocking area a hundred or so miles east of here. There's the strong probability that we won't have internet or cell phone coverage at this location, so if there's some delay in getting the Journal and website updated... well, I hope you'll understand. We'll update things and re-connect with you'all as soon as we can.

Looking for my Richter Scale gauge before climbing back into bed...


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