Why Camping

"So, where are you camping tonight?"
"No... not why... where?"
"Well, I just want to know because I'm interested in following your explorations... seeing where you go and what adventures you run into... you know?"
"Oh, Ok. That's nice."
"Now that we've got that straightened out... where did you decide to stop for the night?
"Didn't we just go over that? You're a hard guy to communicate with and you're getting on my nerves!"
"Well, every time I asked a simple question, you respond with another question."
"No I don't."
"Yes you do... allow me to demonstrate. Where did you decide to park the bus-house tonight?"
"There you go... you answered a simple question with another question... you said why."
"Well, that's where we're camped."
"That does it... I'm not going to ask again... I'm outa' here!"
(fade to dark... sound of footsteps stomping off stage")

For those who have followed along this far, just let me explain that Why, Arizona is where we're actually camped tonight. That's right, just outside of the little community with the name of Why -- I think the only one in the entire country with that name. A couple miles south of town is a wonderful BLM 14 day boondocking area... where we can once again camp out in the undeveloped desert and enjoy a few more days of solitude and nearly total quiet. Tonight, we had a campfire, the weather was warm, we made calls back to family in the Midwest (which was hit with a snowstorm last night and is firmly in the grip of Winter now), and kept pinching ourselves to see if it was all a dream or if it was real. What a night!

Tomorrow we're hoping to see Organ Pipe National Monument... just a few miles to the south.

G'night all... from Why.


Joe and Tracey said…
Why is Why called Why? And is it close to Why Not? And if not, why not?

And Who's on first?

Slightly Better than Most