A Fancy-Schmancy Place

"So, you'd like to stay in our RV resort for a couple nights... What kind of RV do you have and how old is it?" The question was asked nicely enough but with an undertone of condescension. I thought I could sense that she wasn't sure we'd pass muster... half-ready to call security and have us escorted off the property.

But here we were... two people fresh off the desert floor with a little dust on our shoes, behind the ears, and an even dustier camper... standing at the registration desk of the Voyager RV Resort on the edge of Tucson. It felt like we were in one of those fancy-schmancy hotels where I used to stay in my business travel days... quiet, warm, lots of wood, no dust or dirt or mouse traps in the corners, there might have been Christmasy background music in the air... it was very nice.

I'd chosen this place for our short stay in Tucson because of the location... close to everything we're trying to pack into a day and a half. When we stay in bigger towns we have this travel philosophy that we'd rather pay a little more for convenience than to drive 10 or 20 miles out of our way, battling traffic (especially true in larger metro areas), burning extra diesel fuel, and fraying our nerves to find that "perfect" spot with the "it factor", whatever that is. No, we're here to stay, not camp.

"Well, we have that dusty brown camper, er, motorhome over there (pointing)... it's an '07... I know it's a little dirty right now... we've been out in the desert... but she really looks good when she's cleaned up... which I've been meaning to get to one of these days..."

In the end they accepted our story, and our money, in exchange for the right to stay here two nights. It's a large resort, with it's own hotel, restaurant, and all kinds of services. There are separate areas for RV's, for slightly more permanent park model mobile homes, and for regular houses that are bolted down to the ground. Lots of palm trees, security guards, club houses, courts and golf courses, pools, fences and gates. In two nights we'll have experienced the extremes of this lifestyle... from boondocking in the desert to parking in a high-dollar resort. Hows that for contrast?

Then last night we met with Norm, my cousin Deb's husband for dinner. He picked out a great little Mexican Restaurant not far from the resort, where we talked and ate and talked some more... got caught up on all the family news. Unfortunately, Deb is out of town for family reasons... once again our timing is off. But as I wrote in the last Journal entry... we'll be back to this part of the country on a regular basis in the future.

Today we're planning a stop at the Saguaro National Park (East) to explore a bit before stopping at a store or two for provisions for the next couple weeks of movin' fast toward Texas.


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