Light Duty Work Day

Despite the prescription for "light duty" today, my wife/nurse/patient advocate (and non-licensed landscape architect extraordinaire), Dar, talked me into helping her with a small project. When it comes to landscaping projects, she's a taskmaster for sure... and there are still a few chores around our campsite here at the farm that are on her "to do" list for this year.

She put my recovering rear-end on a tractor seat and I helped her spread out and level a big pile of dirt so she can get the area seeded with "no-mow" low maintenance grass. She wants it growing and on it's own by the time we leave here for the west coast near the end of July.

And after pushing around and leveling the dirt pile there was a big stubborn root to remove (chainsaw, shovel, and axe). And then there was a small tree that had self-started where she didn't want a tree (chainsaw again). And then there was a big ancient lilac bush that was too big, too ugly, half dead... and it's stump that had to be removed (chainsaw, shovel, and axe again). And, of course, all those cuttings had to be hauled to the "burn pile" way out back. Wow!

On top of it all, it was a tad muggy and warm today... thunderstorms popping up all around us, but mostly missing us. By the time I talked her into calling it a day, Gatorade was no longer the adult beverage I was craving. And after a long shower it was time to start the light-duty portion of the day.


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