Dec 5 - Genny OK... Now Slide Woes

Just a short note to update the journal tonight. We had an agreeable drive down US-60 from Wickenburg and arrived at Cummins Rocky Mountain in Avondale just a little after noon. They got us right in and checked out the genny this afternoon. The reason I wanted it looked at was the two unexplained genny shut-downs we've experienced in the past few weeks... apparently for fuel (or lack thereof??) reasons. I thought we'd try to catch any problems early, before things got worse. They gave it the once-over, ran it under load, put in a new fuel filter, and deemed it "up to specs and operating just fine". While they had the bus-house in the shop I also had them lube the chassis. Recent information informs us that it's especially important to make sure the drive-shaft on this model is fully lubed a couple times per year. Apart from severing a couple of C notes from our slush fund, it was a good stop... they were good people to work with... and we get a free night of camping out of the deal besides.

But as we were setting up for the night I was rolling out the big living room slide-out and just at the end of the cycle there was a big "bang", a "clunk", and a rattle. Hmmm. That's definitely NOT normal. I went outside to investigate and found a threaded rod (part of the slide-out mechanism) hanging from where a weld had broken. Ok then... another challenge. The slide was out and all appears OK with it... and I think we'll be able to retract the slide in the morning once I secure the rod. And you know a call to Newmar is in order in the AM too. I'm sure this means another stop somewhere tomorrow to fix that.

Oh, we did sneak down to the Arizona State Capitol while the bus-house was being worked on this afternoon. And that will be the subject of another post... in a day or two.

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