Jul 3, 2014

July 3 - Lazy but Productive Day at Red Shale CG

So quiet... so agreeable. And with a good strong 4G internet signal... and... and... did I mention it's free? We did decide to stay an extra day and get some work done. I'm way behind on posts. (actually didn't publish the post for this day until September!!)

The campground and the surrounding area is plumb-full of a waist-high plant with small yellow blooms of some kind. It also has a strong sweet scent. Dar did some research and found it's called Yellow Sweet Clover.  Non-native, its used as a cover and forage crop. But it must be used carefully. If allowed to mold it becomes toxic to animals that might be feeding on it. You see, it contains coumarin, which converts to dicoumarol, a powerful anti-coagulant toxin.

A pleasant day.


no miles today; same camp as last night.
Weather: warm, sunny, light wind. high near 90.

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