Today, September 22, is the Vernal Equinox.  Many strange and mysterious things have happened over the years on the Vernal Equinox. This is another one.

Now that pretty much everyone has moved from blogging to vlogging (for the uninitiated: video logging or video journalling) I feel comfortable getting back to the old blog.  It's so simple... words on a page for someone to read or NOT read, as they choose. It's really elegant when you think about it. And for a closet author like me, there's a certain amount of "purpose" in it too.  

For some time now, I've been feeling that something has been missing from my life. Sure, the Park keeps me busy at times, and we do still go exploring once in a while, but there's been a missing "thing" in my life that I couldn't quite put my finger on or identify. This morning, to kill time I think, I dialed into the old RV Sabbatical Journal. And spent some time going through old posts. There are almost 1200 of them. And I quickly realized how much I missed the process of generating regular posts that were then accessible to anyone in the world (!) with a device. It seems the number of readers or followers one has is almost secondary to the idea that anyone could stumble on these pages and read these posts. Anyone can be a published author.

While considering this relighting of my humble writing proclivities, I thought about Goodle and their blogging product called "Blogger".  With the turn from blogging to vlogging (Youtube), I wonder how long they'll even keep the blogging product around. "G" has a history of just shutting down services or products that fall out of favor. So it might be good to have a plan B if this blogging service is shut down at some point.  (more later)

wandering...  and wondering


Betty Graffis said…
Blogged for a year after my husband to document all the firsts without Kim. October 22 will be 5 years since he died. I enjoy reading my blogger friends posts but no longer write my own.
I’ll continue to read yours as long as you blog.
Thom Hoch said…
Hi Betty
So nice to hear from you. Thanks for checking in after all these years. I hadn't thought that anyone was still hooked up to the old blog. I decided to start again, but differently. It'll be intermittent and it will be un-polished. I'm trying to write without thought of anyone reading. I'm doing it for myself and the idea that this might be one more way of a bit of immortality.


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