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New Years Eve Quickie

I thought I'd take a few minutes and pound out our last update for 2009, albeit brief, as Dar get's ready for our New Years Eve party tonight. We've thoroughly enjoyed the holidays with all our friends here in Rockport despite less than ideal weather this year. Tonight's celebration and tomorrow's schedule of parades and football will pretty much wrap up the festive season, and we'll all be back to quasi-normal again by Monday.

But during this long weekend I will take some time for reflection and contemplation of the past -- and thinking about what could be in store for us during 2010. It's all so exciting!

Happy New Year to All of You!

Thom & Dar

An Honorable Mention

During our stay in Zion National Park this past fall, we connected up with Julianne Crane and Jimmy Smith, and enjoyed their company often during our 10 day stay. Julianne is a professiional writer curently writing the RV Wheel Life Blog. Jimmy is an accomplished chef, bicyclist, and adventurist.

Well, Julianne wrote a very nice piece about Dar and I. [RV Wheel Life Article] Click on the link to check it out.


Thom & Dar

Christmas Card Crisis

When intrepid explorers take a break and adventures worth writing about are few, it's hard for me to find the motivation to update this journal. I will not bore myself or my audience with reports of mundane and routine goings-on... like what time we got up, how many cups of coffee we had, what stores we visited while Christmas shopping, unremarkable weather reports, and how many people showed up for happy hour. So while we're camped here in Rockport journal entries will be on a more occasional basis... and will, I hope, be a little more interesting than if I forced daily entries.

We were just finishing up our Christmas shopping when our credit card stopped working this week. Hmmm. Turns out the number was compromised (stolen) and some unknown thief was using it to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones from Bed Batch & Beyond. I'll tell you what... if these people would put as much energy into making an honest living instead of resorting to small-time larceny and fra…

Sunrise Surprise

After a couple days of pretty-much constant rain, blue sky and sunshine were a welcome surprise this morning. I've got to get outside and stretch in order to remedy my cabin-fever caused by too much time in 300 square feet.

Yesterday, Friday, I kept busy with an interior lighting repair project. The florescent under-cabinet light that's over the kitchen sink died a few weeks ago. It operates on 12 volts and has a "ballast" that converts the available power to what's needed by the florescent bulbs. These ballasts are not exactly long-lasting -- this was the second one that failed for us. And a new ballast is almost as costly as a whole new fixture. Since we really wanted a different style fixture anyway, I was able to find what we wanted online for half the cost of Camping World. I also bought a back-up ballast in anticipation of the next failure.

I'm a big fan of LED light bulbs for camper use. Very efficient -- about a tenth the wattage of standard bulbs -- …

Dreaded Disorder

I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

I've hidden this secret far too long.

I have IAD.


This dreaded disorder is something that can steal your heart and soul, it can ruin your relationships with loved ones, it can keep you housebound and unable to participate in a balanced life, it can turn you into a lonely, miserable, shriveled, dried-up, no-fun person. Simply put, it's a wretched thing.

And I have it.

So, what exactly is this IAD thing?  Internet Addiction Disorder. There's some debate among the professional community as to whether this is really an addiction or a compulsion, but in either case it can sap a person of energy and the ability to live a real life outside the cyber-world. This disorder is spread like a virus... you find a website or a blog... which contains a list of other sites or blogs people are reading... and then each of those has a list of more sites and blogs... and on and on... and before you know it, you're hooked. There…

Rockport Update

It's been a series of slow days for us here in Rockport Texas. Dar and a couple other women attended a Christmas Walk of historic homes on Friday night. Saturday I spent almost all day scrubbing the bus-house roof -- a tough job but something that's supposed to be done annually. Saturday night we joined a large group from the RV Park at a local saloon to have dinner and watch and dance to a live band that has become a favorite of ours -- it's become our regular Saturday night activity. And Sunday we watched a couple football games.

The less-than-ideal weather pattern is continuing... lots of clouds, periods of light rain, fog, cool... just kind of dreary and certainly not the weather we enjoyed last year. This pattern is being blamed on El Nino -- a periodic warming of the waters of the eastern Pacific. Apparently this pattern causes a lot of Pacific moisture to flow across Mexico and up into this part of the world. These patterns tend to persist for months and the long te…

Two and a Half Years

Dar and I have been fulltiming in our bus-house for two and a half years. During that time we've grown from "newbies" (neophytes with a lot to learn) into, if I may be so bold, rather experienced RV'ers. During that time we've stayed in the bus-house for more than 900 nights at about 140 different campgrounds or RV parks in 32 States. We've spent about $12,000 for camping and parking -- an average of $4,800 per year and about $13 or $14 per night. Because we stay for free when boondocking or when parked with family or friends, our average paid night is more like $18 per night.

When we parked here at Sandollar Resort in Rockport a week or so ago, we had just turned over 25,000 miles on the bus-house odometer -- which works out to 10,000 miles per year. We've spent $10,000 buying about 3,160 gallons of diesel fuel at an average of $3.17 per gallon. Over it's life the bus-house has turned in about 7.8 mpg, but the last few tanks are exceeding 8 mpg as t…

Misty Monday

I'm getting tired of my own references to the weather... something I think I'm forced to write about again today. We woke to light rain this morning and it just grew steadier and wetter as the day progressed. Nothing heavy, mind you... some might even call it a drizzle. But it was enough to put a damper on any outdoor activities. The forecast is for this to continue again tomorrow too. I'll be ready for the sun when it decides to come out -- that's for sure.

We did get out and run a few errands this afternoon --  HEB Store (groceries), Post Office (drop off mail), printer (Christmas cards), RV dealer (looking for a part), tour around Rockport (killing time), and the used book store (books are good for rainy days). We made tacos for dinner tonight and the mess was all cleaned up before we settled in to watch the Packers play the Ravens on TV.

(Personal note to P.L. -- your Ravens look a little weak tonight. Are they sick?.. can't handle the cold weather? Hmmm?)


An Uncomplicated Weekend

I took a break from journaling yesterday, and unless I can get this one posted before midnight it might be a two day pause.

After Friday's crummy day, the sun came out and warmed things up nicely on Saturday. We both got out, mingled with neighbors, and caught up with all the news. I did a two mile workout up the beach road -- another start in a continuing series of efforts to keep myself in shape. And then we had dinner at a nearby saloon where, later, a few other neighbors joined us to watch a very good band and to dance a little. The day flew by quickly.

Today, Sunday, was cloudy again with a few bouts of light showers so we watched football and worked inside most of the day -- again. The extended forecast for this area is wetter than normal and cooler than normal... all winter long. Humph! Roses can't bloom every day, right?

Doing a sun-dance in Rockport...

Chillin' on the Texas Coast

Today, Friday, was just one of those days it's best to stay inside and enjoy this diverse life we're living. It was cold, windy, rainy, and even snowy at times, all day long. Most of the time during our travels we have great weather to enjoy... sun, warmth, maybe a gentle breeze. But there are other times, like today, when it's best to just let nature take control (which, in reality, it has anyway... there's not much you can do about it, is there?) and appreciate the fact that we're warm, dry, and have plenty of food to sustain us.

Well, we didn't actually have "plenty" of food... there were great shortages in the bus-house larder after almost two months of exploring National Parks in the West... which is why we used the day today to resupply. Not having to scrape ice off the windshield of the car was a small bonus I did appreciate... something family and friends back in the Midwest will probably agree with.

Tonight, we'll experience the coldest t…

Weather Update

Just in case anyone is thinking we're basking in tropical warmth, sitting around the pool, and running around in T-shirts and shorts...

This from the National Weather Service:

Thinking I left the snow shovels back in the Midwest...

Rolling to Rockport

Despite the cold and blustery weather this morning, we said our good-byes at Pioneer Resort in Bandera and were on the road by 10:30am. We headed south on SR-173 through the towns of Hondo, Devine, and Kyote. In Jourdanton we picked up SR-97 to Pleasanton, where we took US-281 south, which joins with I-37 in short order. At SR-188, we headed east through Sinton and toward Rockport. With a strong tail-wind most of the day and the decrease in elevation as we neared the coast, the bus-house rewarded us with better than 9 mpg.

We arrived at Sandollar Resort in Rockport about 3pm and drove right to our site. During the next two hours we greeted old friends, attended a blustery happy-hour, and got the bus-house set up and plugged in. Full hookups and plenty of electric power are going to be appreciated the next few days as Old Man Winter is hot on our heels -- threatening to throw some frozen precipitation our way. Isn't this South Texas? Hmmm.

We're here in Rockport now for a coupl…

Belching in Bandera

The decision we made to stay here at Pioneer River Resort in Bandera for an additional day turned out to be the right call. It rained all day. It would have been a miserable driving day.

We decided to stay close to the bus-house today, get a few personal, housekeeping, and financial things done, and prepared to move in the morning. In a rare fit of domesticity, I threw together a big batch of my world famous chili -- enough to keep us producing plenty of methane for the next few days. And then neighbors Gary and Monika came over for happy hour where we talked about our respective plans for the rest of the winter. They're leaving in the morning too, but we'll see them later in the Winter in Rockport.

So, Wednesday morning we'll be on our way to Rockport. The next Journal entry will be from there.

Belching in Bandera...