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Moving Fast

This past week, we crossed into the divide between our previous lifestyle and our new chosen lifestyle as full-timers. We moved into high-gear and it all happened so quickly. Despite planning for this for almost 3 years, putting the house on the market and ordering the motorhome are two events that can hit you right between the eyes: this is real, this is really going to happen! For the past few days we’ve both been staring off into the distance with glassy eyes, emotions running high. Normal routine is gone for a few months, a victim of the real-estate agent’s interior designer that came in to help make the house “show” better. The coffee maker is now in a cabinet under a counter somewhere; my socks are in the same dresser drawer, but it’s all been moved to the other side of the bedroom; the tables are all set, apparently, for the new owner’s first dinner party (I’ve been relegated to small corner of one table, sorta’ between place settings that can’t be touched.) So life has chan

NOT Retirement

As most of you know, Dar and I are planning a big change in our life. No, not divorce. Instead, we’re going to divest ourselves of a good number of our possessions, as well as the house we own, in order to spend a few years “on the road”, living in a big ol’ RV, seeing and experiencing North America. Some people, who hear about this, ask “why?” I ask in return, “why not?” But, since we’re not totally crazy (I don’t think) and since we have a few real reasons, allow me to try and respond to “why?” First, a desire to find the place we’d like to spend the rest of our lives. Since we were married 30-some years ago, we’ve moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota to Florida, back to Wisconsin, back to Minnesota, out to Washington, and then to Illinois. While there are some things we like about the Chicago Metro area, there is no driving reason to keep us here. We have friends and family all over the country, but not a critical mass in this, or any other, place. Ideally, we’d like a more moderate c

Getting Organized

Dar and I are in the process of “de-cluttering”. This is really a big deal, since the two of us have opposite views on the subject of accumulating possessions and their subsequent disposal. My dear partner is a pack-rat. She admits it. These genes run in her family, and she really got a good dose of ‘em. She believes that everything has value, given the right conjunction of the matter-space-time continuum. This genetic pre-disposition for hoarding was probably also reinforced by her up-bringing on a farm out in the Township of Westford, where things like this occurred on a regular basis: Old Man: “Dang, this old electric motor on the grain-auger is about shot. I’ll have to run to town, buy a new one, and loose half a day gettin’ it all done.” Daughter: “Gee Dad, do you think the motor that’s in that old washing machine lying out behind the barn would work?” Old Man: “You know, it just might! I like the way you think. I’ll give it a try.” Living on the edge o