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Sabbatical Intro

Welcome to The RV Sabbatical Journal. My name is Thom Hoch. I live with Dar, my wife, and we’re planning to sell our home, most of our worldly possessions, buy a big ‘ol RV and become full-timers for a couple years. It sounds like a bit of a confession, doesn’t it? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And, at times, I feel like we should maybe join a support group (like, oh, RV’ers Anonymous?? or Full-timers Anonymous??) to set us straight… help us see the light and the errors of our ways… to guide us back to wanting a normal suburban life. Why would anyone choose this lifestyle? Why voluntarily give up the security and comfort of a home that doesn’t self-destruct by hitting pot-holes in the road? Doesn’t sound right, does it? I’ll be talking a lot about these questions, and more, in subsequent posts to this blog. Perhaps, before I get into our answers for some of these questions, I should start out by explaining that our current circumstances are such that it’s “very” possible for us to