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Mar 29 - A Few Days in the Seattle Area

We're in the Seattle area for a few days to spend some long overdue time with our son and daughter-in-law... JT and Kaytlyn. Mostly due to my knee-jerk dislike of big cities and congested traffic, we don't get up this way often enough. (Have I mentioned lately how much I like big cities and congestion??) This super-duo is expecting our third grandchild (their first) in the next couple months. And we "ain't" going anywhere far until that little newborn is here and safe. With the big event drawing closer preparation activity has picked up considerably as boxes of new baby furniture are piling up and the previous "guest room" is being converted into a kids room. But no need to worry about where we'll sleep now that we have a truck camper that can serve as our "mobile apartment". Visiting friends and relatives that don't happen to have a 40' long level bushouse parking pad next to their house has become much easier. And after a sp

Mar 20 - Sabbatical II Progress Update

In the Pacific Northwest. March 20 Finally, a long overdue update to this sad neglected blog. Over three weeks this time so here's a shot at bringing the record up-to-date. Bushouse:  Friday March 7th we moved the bushouse from Portland to Timber Valley SKP Co-op Park in Sutherlin Oregon, which will become our Northwestern homebase for the foreseeable future. For those unfamiliar with the SKP co-op park concept, it's basically a membership park whereby members have rights to a specific lot until such time as they decide to terminate their membership and turn the lot back over to the park. The park then finds a new member from the active waiting list. For travelers like Dar and I, this is an ideal and low-cost means to keep a year-round homebase while continuing to travel and explore. The membership fee (about $10k or $11k at this time... varies by park) is returned to you when you terminate your membership. So the only real cost is the lost interest on the membership fee (