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My Hometown

Monday, July 07, 2008 -- near Beaver Dam, WI I'm way past due for an update to the blog. On July 1, we arrived here at the farm near Beaver Dam. It wasn't planned, but coincidentally it was the same date last year that we arrived here at the beginning of our sojourn, having sold the house in Geneva and Dar wrapping up her duties and leaving her job. I was born and raised in Beaver Dam. For 18 years, before going to college in Madison, it was my home. In the 1950's, the population was about 12,000. By todays standards, my childhood could be described as extremely stable -- our family lived in the same house my entire life... parents were married and stayed together and actually liked each other... Dad had a good job with the Post Office until he retired... Mom was the stay-at-home "chief operating officer" and made sure the household ran like a top... they had 4 kids -- 3 boys 1 girl -- and none of us spent even a day in jail -- all good, reasonably well adjusted,

Heading North

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 -- near Edwardsville, IL The past two days have been clear, cool, and relatively bug-free. It's been easy to be lazy and sit outside in the gazebo that's right next to our campsite here at the Red Barn Rendezvous RV Park, and read, write, nod off. We did get up the energy for a 21 mile bike ride into Edwardsville yesterday. Today we're breaking camp and heading north. It's about 360 miles to Beaver Dam from here. We could make it in one day but since it's already after 8am and Dar's still sawing wood in bed, it probably more realistic to say we'll go about half way today and finish the trip tomorrow. T