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Apr 30 - The Sabbatical Continues...

Grandson Ryan at Multnomah Falls Just on the off-chance that some readers out there are still tuning in once in a while to see what we're up to and where we're at... well, our Sabbatical adventure travel is soon to begin again. Tomorrow, May 1, Dar and I will be hard at work preparing the bus-house (and ourselves) to hit the road again on Thursday, the 2nd.. The next travel chapter will be about one month long and will take us from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and our home State of Wisconsin. As of this writing we're still in Vancouver, where we've been for the past 6 weeks. Between our daughter and SIL's home here, and our son and DIL's place near Seattle, we've been busier than a couple of orchard bees in Springtime. One of our main objectives was to set up a mini-apartment in the bonus room over at our daughter's place... and that has been completed. It's a comfortable space that we've thoroughly tested by staying there about 10