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For the Record -- Our Trip from Oregon to Wisconsin

Despite my efforts to keep this blog from becoming a repetitious recounting of daily activity, I will have to, from time to time, summarize our travel days in more detail in order to keep the "record" a little more complete for the annual blog book we print each year for our family. It's been decided that future generations may find these details important. So here goes... We departed from Sutherlin on the 8th of May and arrived at our destination in Wisconsin on the 12th. Five days on the road. To keep it from becoming a "get there as fast as possible" trip, we did find a few interesting routes through Oregon, Idaho, and a part of Montana. Here's a quick rundown of how it progressed. Day 1: A good weather day. Finally got moving a little after 9am. We took OR-138 along the North Umpqua River (twisty and scenic), made our way around Bend, and then headed east on US-20 through Burns to Ontario. The Malheur River (winding and scenic) provided visual ente

Random thoughts while driving across Montana

The drone of the truck motor, the whine of tires on the road as it treadmills out of sight under the windshield, lending a dimension of realness to the endless video we're driving into, through. Some say it's painfully boring... that it's justification for an 80 mile per hour speed limit in order to minimize the pain of long miles with nothing but flat land, dry sage, stubble grass, and, here and there, a few cattle. But like most all places this one is loaded with a quietly fading "small" history if one takes the time to think about it. The pile of debris over there might be the ruins of a barn or a small cabin. Someone built it. Someone worked and struggled to give form to their plans. So much hope and passion wrapped up in each one. Yet so much uncertainty and danger at the same time. It may have represented the beginnings of a better life, of a self-reliant adequate existence, perhaps even riches if things worked out right... if their god looked favorably

As our Journey Begins... How to Follow Us.

Enough with this "preparation" stuff. I want to get on the road. Tomorrow, Friday the 8th, is the day. We're going to wake up in a mostly-mothballed bushouse like anxious firemen ready for action, jump into carefully laid out clothes, grab the truck keys, and get out on the road. An early departure, right? After many days of getting everything ready, we're finally going to be off on our big summer adventure. Some of you may know that we're going to drive the Alaska Highway (nee Alcan) all the way to Alaska. Since this is our first time in the 49th and (pay attention Texans...)  by far the largest state, we're planning this trip as a "survey course", an introduction to guide our plans for future follow-up visits. Are we excited? But our trip is going to seem a little unconventional to some. Being in the Northwest, we're naturally positioned for the Alaska run. But alas, that would be too easy. Too "normal". We've decided to go