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Last Post for a While

For the latest updates on our travels , check out our Google+ page by clicking on the “The Latest” tab above, or by clicking here: Link to our photo collections For Facebook fans , click here: ------------------- The Evolution of a blog.  In the beginning, 2006, I gave birth to this blog with two objectives in mind: first, to serve as an easy means to keep family and friends informed about our whereabouts and activities, and second, as a permanent record of our travels for our own purposes… a personal journal.  Ten years have now passed and while these two objectives are still valid and important to us, I've re-evaluated the means to achieve them. Keeping family and friends up-to-date:  Regardless of one's opinion about Facebook or Google+, the reality is that most of the people we want to reach in our "family and friends" category are looking at their Facebook pages e