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Driving a Whale

Monday was moving day. We’re taking The Bus from Mahomet to Sycamore, IL., where we’ve rented space at an RV park. It’s a little less than 200 miles the way we came. There also a detour due to construction on the two-lane state highway we’d normally take north, so I planned to take I-57 about 40 miles until I could cut over to our normal route. The wind was gusting that day, my friends. And while driving The Bus isn’t hard, it did take all of my attention to learn how it responds while nature was trying to blow it off the road. One feature of The Bus is it’s great width — 9 feet wide measured from one rear-view mirror to the other. Interstate highway lanes are usually 12 feet — so there’s a foot and a half on each side to spare. Some state and county roads are less than 12 feet. This could get interesting. I’m not sure if this is the right way to describe it, but I drive by instinct. In other words, normally, when driving a car, I don’t think a lot about the basic mechanics of w

2 Days in Mahomet

R&S Sales in Mahomet, IL., our dealer, had an open house/customer appreciation day on Saturday, and, with impeccable timing, we arrived just as lunch was being served. Before firing up The Bus and heading over to our site at TinCup RV Park, Dar wanted to walk through some of the RVs they had on display. People are people, and just like owners of traditional houses, some RV owners are always looking for some new decorating idea or new feature they’ll want on their “next one” . I just know that somewhere, deep inside, she’s got a wish-list that I’ll have to contend with someday. Arriving at TinCup mid-afternoon, set-up was easy and it went a lot faster than the first time. Basic set-up is just getting properly positioned on the site, leveling the unit, hooking up electric power, fresh water, and sewer, and then opening the slide-outs. We have a livable unit in only 15 minutes or so. As we travel around the country we’ll also be doing a lot of what they call “boondocking” (livin

A Weekend with the Bus

We’ll be camping this weekend. Since the garage sale has been pushed back a few weeks, we’re taking advantage of the time to get a little more experience with The Bus, work with its systems, and start to “settle in” to the place that’ll be home for the next few years. It looks like the weather’s going to be good too. This time, we’re taking a coffee pot! On Monday, we’re moving it to an RV park closer to home. Check back for updates.

The First Time

I don’t know when we made the final decision to pursue this lifestyle, but as I’ve written here before, it was sparked by a realization more than three years ago that this was something that somehow appealed to us, and that might be possible to do from a financial standpoint. The probability that this was going to happen gradually increased in the ensuing months and years. But during that time there was always an “out” — we still had income, we still had a house, we still hadn’t made any irreversible moves. We could still give up the idea and carry on with our lives as before. There was a certain amount of comfort in that “out”, because the idea of this lifestyle, really, is crazy. It’s not what most “normal” people aspire to do. But what’s “normal” anyway… and the idea continued to incubate; the probability continued to grow. It slowly, steadily, grew until we just assumed, at some point, that it was going to happen. For three years, we surveyed the field of motorhomes out there.