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Biding Our Time in Bandera

Brazen Bold Bandera


Thanksgiving Day

Is that Roast Turkey in the Air?

Memories of La Posada Hotel

Simple Sunday

By the River in Bandera

Overnighting in Ozona

Moving Into Texas

Living Desert State Park

50 degree swing

The Fisherman and the MBA

Cold Carlsbad

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Cell Phone Savings

The Satellite TV Experiment

Quiet, Enjoyable Saturday

It Was All Downhill...

Into New Mexico

Petrified Forest National Park

Very Hard Wood

On a Corner in Winslow...

From Canyon to Crater

Now That's Some Hole

Cold Slow Saturday Morning

The Grand Grand Canyon

The South Rim Boogie

Tunnel Travel into Arizona

Native Pictographs in Zion

Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

Biking Through Zion

Confusion in Zion