Rainy Days in Rockport

Not just rain... but HEAVY rain. Unless my nutty neighbor snuck out early this morning and dumped a cup of water in my rain gauge, we've gotten almost 4 inches between 8pm last night and 10am this morning. The forecast is for rain to continue on and off all day today. But the bus-house is warm and dry, and we're enjoying the day inside... and using it to good advantage to do those "indoor" things that get pushed off when it's nicer outside.

Dar worked at the hospital both Wednesday and Thursday. She's putting in a lot of hours but enjoying the change of pace and the new environment, challenges, and contributions she's making. For her, it helps break up the boredom that can set in when we park for a long period of time. And, even though we're usually in sync and get along well together in our small space for long periods of time, we're finding that having some time apart is good for our relationship.

Enjoying the rain...